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A 'taster' for Obama!!

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President Obama has a food taster! Now I have heard of Kings from yonder years having food tasters, but not in the 21st century!!! The chefs of the La Fontaine de Mars in France, didn’t really expect a food taster to barge in and demand to taste the food anyways? But guess that is what happened!




Taster for Obama - 2




Reminds me of a scene in the movie “The Last Emperor”, where there are an array of dishes set out brought in by the royal servants which are first tasted by the Royal Tasters and then given to "Henry" Pu Yi, one of the last Kings of China! In fact it was in Japan that in 1989, for the first time in history an Emperor ended the usage of food tasters before every meal!


We seem to be reviving this tradition cos supposedly it is not only Obama who has a food taster, ex President Bush too, employed one! I mean, I get it, high security and fear of poisoning and all, but what happens to the guy if a dish is really poisoned!!! Of course there is a bright side to the taster’s career, given that he gets to tour the world with President Obama and taste good food all the time!  Like at La Fontaine de Mars he would have gotten to taste Coke, foie gras, lamb and steak with shallots and also the accompanying wine! Lucky Guy..hmm..maybe not!



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A 'taster' For Obama!!