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Crazy about Psycho Donuts!

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Psycho Donuts - Insanity afflicts the world of doughnuts. The new doughnut shop Psycho Donuts, in Campbell, California is in the news for all the wrong reasons. The Psycho Donuts shop sells tasty and unique doughnuts that have names with loud references to mental disorders.

The Psycho Donut houses some of the craziest doughnuts you have ever seen. The Bipolar Donut for example has one half covered in coconut flakes and the other half with nuts. Manic Malt Donut and Psycho Donut are some of the amusing names of the other doughnuts from this outlet. They also have some original doughnuts like a Green Tea Donut and the square Smores Donut!


Bipolar Donut


Manic Malt Donut and Psycho Donut


The shop has an indelible theme based ambience with padded cells in which you can take snaps of your self, a "Nut Case" art display, strait jackets and even a section named Group Therapy! Totally nutty. wouldnt you say! Also, along with being a doughnut shop this outlet is also an art gallery exhibiting paintngs of various artists.



Padded Cells!


Nut Art Display


Psycho donuts seem to be increasing in popularity, in spite of the fact that the mental health advocates are kicking up a furor over these doughnuts and even going to the point of distributing “stigma free” doughnuts outside the outlet. In defense of his unique donut shop, co-owner of Psycho Donut, Kipp Berdianski said that the only thing that might be insulted is the flour inside the doughnuts and that doesn’t make them insensitive to those afflicted with mental disorders.


Personally, I think we should lighten up. These guys have tried to move away from clichéd donut shop themes and come up with something different and amusing. If walking into that restaurant is gonna amuse you and make you smile a little, then I say its a great place to be! Afterall. laughter is the best medicine!


What do you think? Are these tasty looking doughnuts really insulting or is all the ruckus about political correctness unnecessary?


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Crazy About Psycho Donuts!