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Disastrous Domino’s Videos!

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I have always thought that Dominos pizzas were the best. The juicy and chewy cheese layered pizzas have been a favorite for all. But I guess its time to think again cos the chewy texture might not be because of the cheese at all.

Two of the dominos employees have been fired from their jobs for posting prank videos about how they supposedly customize the food for the customers. The video shows them dipping cheese pieces into their nose (a novel sauce dip, I guess) and even farting on the food. Oh, were you wondering about that cheesy smell on the burgers?!

Dominos has posted apologies all over the net for this bizarre video and also thanked the You Tube viewers who alerted them regarding this. As you can see, though they have managed to take the video off the net to an extent, its still out there! Take a look at this link.

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I love super thin crust pizza made at home and cooked on a pizza stone on the grill! Best is cooking a pizza fast in an oak-fired oven. Fresh ingredients are best and let your imgination go-forget such as Dominos ick who knows what they toss on your pizza off the floor etc. on your pizza, plus the plastic cheese, sodium loaded "meats", and who knows what else finds its way onto the spongey "bread" dough. One of the best pizzas I have ever eaten was in Bangkok, Thailand, fresh seafood, basil, garlic, chiles and no cheese-awesome. Shanti/Mary-Anne
Disastrous Domino’s Videos!