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5 Most Unusual Food Trends in Fashion

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I had thought that there is enough weirdness in the world of fashion, but it seems I am wrong. Have you noticed the invasion of the fashion world by food?  From lettuce leaves to milk, looks like food is trying to leave a mark in the fashion industry. Here are 5 of the most unusual food trends in Fashion that I came upon.

Unusual Food Trends in Fashion # 1

What about skimmed milk for your prom dress?

Just imagine if your mom had asked you that question. You would have though that she is out to destroy your life, right? San Fransisco designer Casey larkin has designed beautifule gowns made out of soft fabric. The only thing weird here is that the fabric has been made from milk transformed into fabric through treatment with steam. One look at this materiel and you wold wish your mom had asked you that question.


Unusual Food Trends in Fashion # 2

Lettuce bikinis!

PETA has launched a campaign sporting the lettuce girls wearing lettuce bikinins and promoting vegetarianism. Vegetarian or not, I wouldn’t want to wear something that the rat can nibble off!

Unusual Food Trends in Fashion # 3

The flower and fruit dress



This fashion statement was made in Vancouver Canada by artist, Nicole Dextras. The dress is made from Yucca leaves, flowers and fruits and even held together with thorns. The question is, who is crazy enough to wear something that might make you lool like a tree! The thorns are a simple inconvenience, ofcourse!

Unusual Food Trends in Fashion # 4

Chocolate, all over you!

When it comes to chocolate I am partial. I mean who wouldn’t want to wear these delicious clothes. If you don’t like stickiness of these clothes, don’t wear them for too long just, lick it!




Jean Phillipe, Patisserie made this yummy chocolate dress.


This was one of the entries for the 11th Annual Chocolate Show presented in New York

Unusual Food Trends in Fashion # 5

Now, that’s a Mighty Meaty Dress

 Yes, that thing around the chest is offal. This is the creation of Turkish-born, Brooklyn-based Pinar Yolacan. She uses the Gory entrails from the insides of a butchered animals to accessories and make her dresses. Na-ah..i hate it!!


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5 Most Unusual Food Trends In Fashion