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Chocolates - Eat, wear and breath them

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I am an incorrigible chocoholic! Chocolate is on the top of the list of things I can’t live without. I always carry a handful of chocolates wherever I go, be it to the movies or to a meeting. So, you can just imagine my joy when I discovered the many unusual forms of chocolate.

Chocolate Pasta

Chocolate pasta with raspberry! I can’t even say the words out loud because of the way my mouth is watering. This is a delicious treat. Long twirls of chocolate pasta! Heaven!


Chocolate Candles

Smell that! These candles are obviously not made of real chocolate, but for all who lives the smell of chocolate, this is a must buy product. It will be perfect to use for a romantic dinner or better decorate the room with it. Just imagine what the smell of this aphrodisiac could do for your night!:-)!

Chocolate dress

Warning: whoever buys this “Oh so delicious” dress, you are in danger of being eaten up by chocoholics like me!.


Chocolate Toothpaste

Those terribly lazy ones, who cant seem to brush two times a day. This is your solution. Personally, I think I might just eat it up rather than use it to brush,


Chocolate Bandages

Now these are really not bandages but chocolates in the shape of bandages. I wish this was around when I was a child, I would have associated bandages with something heavenly!


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Chocolates - Eat, Wear And Breath Them