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Win $12,000 - create new Donut for Dunkin Donut

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Dunkin donuts presents the opportunity of a lifetime for all you donut fans. A donut making competition with the prize money a whooping $12000. You also have the honor of having your trademark donuts sold through the popular store. June 5th National Donut Day is when the winner would be declared. It is real simple. Make out the best donut and submit it to the popular donut king.


The deadline is just a few days away so you need to get your act together real quick. The best 12 entries would be opened to the general public for voting. The winner – gets to take home $12000 and the credit of having his/her donut at the donut store. For more on the event and Dunkin products check out the Dunkin store.

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Win $12,000 - Create New Donut For Dunkin Donut