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7 top food blogs

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Food is the centerpiece of all our lives, whether out of necessity or out of passion, it is one that we cannot live without. The more passionate or rather the expressive have found their voice through food blogs. With food blogs now catering to all your food queries, dreams and fantasies, it is a food blog that most of us turn to. However, with the thousands of food blogs to sift through for good content, it has become a task like deciding what to cook for dinner (what I find the most difficult question to answer day after day). This is however, not an exhaustive list and if you have a favorite that is not included here, I would love to hear about it.

1- 101  cookbooks

Heidi Swanson the creator of 101 cookbooks is based in San Francisco. A talented photographer (you would agree with me once you check out the blog) and cookbook author; her passion for food reflects in her blog. With a collection of 100 cookbooks (where it all started) she turns out to be a marvelous cook and presenter. A world of food unfolds itself here in so many different flavors and tastes.

2- Cookingwithamy
This is a food diary of Amy the writer and passionate foodie. From starting work in a gourmet shop, Amy has found the blog to be a great way to share her experiences, and sure it is. A professional writer her blog is a nice read with loads of restaurant reviews, cookbook reviews, food, wine and if you take a look at cooking withamy you know just what I am talking about.

3- Simply Recipes    
Simply Recipes by Elise Bauer is a personal website / blog as she states. It is where she shares her experiences on cooking, family recipes, her own versions of popular dishes. A family blog; I like her style of presentation and how she makes just about any stranger feel a part of family. I feel as though it is all happening in my home. Elise adds a personal touch which conveys the warmth of a good host and friend.

4- Passionateaboutbaking
Deeba Rajpal, the baking goddess is a home maker and mother of two who is extremely passionate about baking ( it sure is evident from her lovely blog). Great pictures, a good interactive style and the wide spread makes this baking blog a true winner. The blog is a baking Bible that you can follow with your eyes closed.

5- Lucullian   
A delicious Italian treat from the expert herself. Her professional photographs and her delicious recipes will not just let you glance through and leave. You are sure to come back here again and again and again…Living in Tuscany, this home maker finds good support from husband Marco in her blogging ventures. A mother of 3 she definitely knows her food.

6 Dessertfirst   
A native of the Bay Area, San Francisco, Anita has a truly tempting space here with dessertfirst. The mouthwatering desserts, the presentation all together can make any sweet lover go weak at the knees. I found myself addicted to this beautiful blog and am now looking forward to trying out some of these heavenly desserts. Cream, chocolate, sugar and an array of flavors, colors and tastes makes this an enchanted garden that you would have you hooked to it in no time. She ays “I had started Dessert First as a way to combine several of my interests: baking, photography, and writing”. And so it is Anita.

7- Funnfood
Mansi Shah, the author and creator of this lovely and delicious blog; she brings out the best in Indian cuisine combined with international food from various cuisines. She balances the world on her plate perfectly and has interesting tips on wine pairing and health notes too. A great source of information for entertaining, health and all things delicious.

This is my 7 top food blogs going by the presentation, the content in terms of text and mouthwatering pictures. I love these blogs and the first thing I do in the morning with my hot cup of coffee by my side is read through them. With interesting recipes and interactive talk these could get anyone started on cooking. The passion is evident in the presentation and the skills that each of these bloggers have mastered over the years. Come let’s venture into a land where food speaks for itself.

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7 Top Food Blogs