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Best Sandwich in 20 Years

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Of all my time spent in a professional kitchen the thing I liked the best was coming up with new and innovative stuff to eat. Back in the day when I was in the kitchen, the staff ate pretty much what they wanted.
After a while everything got pretty monotonous. So I would try different things to eat. I would try this with that or maybe that with this and so forth. Some times you made gold, other times you made garbage can filler. It usually involved some sort of sandwich because we rarely had time to sit down and eat a proper meal.

One of my all time favorites, like the title says, the best sandwich I ever made for myself was a Sliced Prime Rib Sammy. This was no ordinary Prime Rib Sammy though.

Here’s what made it the best sandwich I ever had in 20 year of being a professional chef.

1 Loaf Fresh Baked Bread
12 to 14 Ozs Cold Sliced Prime Rib
1 Thick Slice Cheddar or Colby Jack Cheese
Season Salt and Pepper

For bread, the restaurant where I created this master-piece, Gutherie's Digs, used to take Rich’s frozen French bread dough cut into fours, proof it and baked it fresh every day. They were about 5 inches round loaves, and they were stupendous.

I sliced the bread in half and tossed it on the griddle after slathering it with some clarified butter.

Next I would slice some cold left over prime rib from the previous night’s dinner. First I trimmed away the fat from the tail of the rib. I sliced it thin on a Hobart food slicer. I cut about 12 to 14 Ozs.

Next I ladled a little clarified butter on the griddle and tossed on the prime rib on top of the butter. OK, this is important, we are just reheating the meat here, the less you cook this, the better. Season Salt and Season Pepper to taste.

Grab the bottom of the bread and slather (I like that word) on some mayo (if you use salad dressing I will hunt you down) then some lettuce and a big slice of a tomato.

Put a big slice of cheddar or Colby Jack cheese on top of the meat, slide it onto a spatula and move it o the bottom part of the bread. Slide the sandwich under the salamander, or broiler, till the cheese is nice and bubbly. Move to cutting board.

Place the top of the bread on the sandwich and slice it in half, put in two frill picks and serve with French fries or homemade potato chips.

There you have it, the best sandwich I've had in 20 years of cooking. You can try to create it in your home kitchen but I doubt it will be the same. I believe this so much that I didn’t even attempt it for this posting. It’s like your first love or first kiss, it’s just never the same. If you try to re-create that moment it just wrecks the memories of what you had.

Cie la vie!

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Chef, the sandwich description sounds so good, you are making me feel hungry already- fresh loaf of bread, prime rib, mayo, butter, lettuce - it sounds like a heavenly treat.
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Yes it was great, makes me wish I was still in there.
lunalovefood's picture
Sounds like an easy sandwich, bt as you rightly said I seriously doubt whether I will be able to brew up the exact version of this specialty... Could have added a picture of yr best sandwich in 20 years - to add to the yummy factor :)
chefbenwa's picture
I need to find someone who is still in the biz, and who sell me some sliced prime rib. I checked the local deli and all they have is roast beef. That stuff with the horrible black juice in the bag. Ugh!
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Gr8 description of the sandwich...mayo in sandwiches always adds extra flavor...
chefbenwa's picture
Mayo is the best! My mom used to serve us that miracle whip crap, then when I got into the restaurant biz and had mayo for the first time I never looked back.
foodpsychologist's picture
Though a vegetarian, I can say that your innovative prime rib sandwhich sounds simply yummy! Fantastic recipes are more often the outcome of excellent creativity of the food faculties of the brain.
chefbenwa's picture
Thank you for such a great compliment on my powers of description, if I can get a vegetarian to think of meat as yummy I have done my job well. As for the picture I will have to wait to find a source for cold prime rib. Thanks again.
David Head's picture
Catering Manchester It's Amazing that if you describe a product and do it a little ott,the resulting sales hit the roof.But it's great we do this it shows the passion and belief.
Best Sandwich In 20 Years