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World's Nastiest Delicacies!

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Delicacies are meant to be enjoyed, right? But these nasty delicacies from around the world left me feeling disgusted. If you are someone who can’t even imagine munching on garlic or onion, you have another thing coming your way. Ever tried Kopi Luwak?


Digestive-Tract Java (Kopi Luwak Coffee)

What is the big deal? Its just brewed coffee, right?.No! This coffe is made from coffee beans that actually had a gruesome journey through the digestive tract of a civet. Now you wonder at the delicate fragrance! Guess how much you have to pay to consume an animal’s leftovers - $ 600 per pound! Some delicay!



Swiftlet Nests

This China’s delicacy costs a fortune and is considered to have medicinal qualities. The birds build the nest over a period of one month using their saliva. These tasteless, nests suffused the the birds saliva is added to soups and served.



Maggot Cheese (Casu Frazigu)

Yes, exactly what you are thinking, Maggots in Cheese!. The sale of this Italian delicacy has been banned in Italy. The maggot-infested Casu Frazigu is prepared over a period of time.




Once the Piophila casei fly deposits its eggs in the cheese, the cheese is allowed to rot. The maggots excrete their enzymes and leave the cheese soft and creamy. Anyone for creamy rotten cheese?


There are many more nasty and supposedly tasty delicacies around the world, but I don’t think you will be able to stomach all of them in one day. In any case, I cant seem to do it to myself.

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World's Nastiest Delicacies!