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Icehotel, Sweden – The Masterpiece in Ice

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Sweden’s Icehotel has surprises galore for the eager globetrotter. An Arctic holiday indeed remains incomplete without a visit to the Icehotel in Sweden. From ice bars and ice chapels to ice spas and ice suites, everything is carved in ice here, not to mention the glasses used for drinking!

 The Story Behind Icehotel 

Icehotel owes big to the free flowing Torne River. Every year this river gifts ice in loads to rebuild this ice castle. In the village of Jukkasjärvi, on the shores of the River Torne, begins the story of Icehotel. This region of the Arctic was ignored during the winter until an exhibition hall was erected on the frozen Torne River in the form of a crude igloo. The idea was an instant success and drew the attention of the outer world. People started flocking to this ice capped region that was once overlooked.

 Icehotel in The Making 

Every year, this beauty in ice reincarnates with a charm richer than before. By mid-November artisans, sculptors, painters and architects from round the world gather here, brainstorm, and erect the Icehotel. The construction begins with the creation of a maze of free-standing corridors of snow, followed by the expert work of the artisans, who carve out the royal suites, lounge, spa and everything that is a must-have for a luxury hotel. The construction is carried out in different phases. When one section is completed, it opens to the visitors, while the construction progresses in the other section.

 Sweden’s Ice Hotel Today

 Icehotel Bar 

The bar, similar to other sections, remains different year to year and packs in everything, from vodka to brandy, to warm the innards. The glasses in the bar too are made of cubical ice glasses! No wonder, the shape of the glasses too change year by year depending on the creativity of the artisan in charge.

 Icehotel Chapel

The chapel here is a wonder of wonders! The designs etched in the walls are so fine that one will take it for stained glass. It is said that more than 150 couples pledge eternal fidelity at this chapel. Reality indeed seems distant when inside Icehotel.

 Icehotel Accommodation        

Icehotel offers both cold and warm accommodation. For an entirely different overnight stay, go for the cold accommodation. Furniture and artwork made from fine ice brings in a touch of finesse to the cold accommodation rooms. The warm accommodation rooms are similar to that of the conventional types, and are well furnished and well lit.

The hotel is open for guests from early December to April end every year. Kiruna Airport is the nearest, 12 km from the hotel. Flight from London take 3.5 hours, New York 10 hours and Stockholm 1.5 hours. 

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Icehotel, Sweden – The Masterpiece In Ice