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Marriott Chef is Singapore Chef of the Year

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SINGAPORE : A newly-created dish that represents multiracial Singapore has brought success to a chef. Kelvin Kek from the Mariott Hotel has been crowned "Singapore Chef of the Year". It was a feast for the eyes, and a hard time for the judges.

"The standard has been very close and very good. I think it's probably beyond the expectations of myself and probably my fellow judges too. I would say all the dishes are good and fantastic," said Ng Yong Hwee, president and CEO of City Gas.

But the dish that stood out is one that's indigenous to Singapore.

That creation came from 26-year-old Kelvin Kek from the Singapore Marriott Hotel.

Judges picked his "King Prawns with Potato Cake Served with Cod & Dry Scallop Wanton" as one that truly represents Singapore.

"This dish is for the 4 races in Singapore - the Eurasians, Chinese, Indian and Malay. The sauce is hot and sweet, and the potato cake is very soft and crispy. Because Asians like sweet, hot and sour stuff, and Europeans like potato very much. You can taste the 4 tastes - bitter, sweet, sour and hot," said chef Kek.

And that was why Kevin also walked away with the title of the "Best Taste Award".

He beat 14 other top chefs from various hotels and restaurants in Singapore.

Organisers have timed the "City Gas Singapore Chef Awards 2007" to coincide with the ongoing Singapore Food Festival.

The public can also savour the local delights on offer.

City Gas has partnered with Banquet and Food Republic to give away 1,200 food vouchers worth $6,000.

More information can be found at this website

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Marriott Chef Is Singapore Chef Of The Year