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Baking Event - Calling all Foodies

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Let’s make it happening here at ifood. Let us all get together and GET COOKING!!!. A theme based cooking event is what I would like to host here and look forward to enthusiastic participation from all of you to get our fun place “” Rocking!!

 It is simple, the theme for the event is “BAKING”, so time for all of us to don the chef’s cap, the pretty aprons and those mittens and get the oven going.

The rules of this are :

1- All you have to do is bake your favorite dish – it could be anything from the plain old vanilla cake to a casserole or some exotic dessert; it could be anything straight out of your oven.

2- Post the recipe on ifood and leave me a comment at the end of this post. If you have your own food blog, post the recipe on your blog and link to this post on your blog (do remember to leave me a comment with the url).

3- The deadline for the event is March 31, 2009. At the end of the period I would compile and post a round up with all recipes together (with your enthusiastic participation it surely would be one baking guide worth bookmarking).

The idea here is to have fun and getting to know each other better and surely enjoying some baked goodies. So let’s set it rolling and get out those favorite baking recipes.

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Looking forward to the support and encouragement of all you passionate foodies making this a success. Let's have some fun here at our foodie platform and get baking together. Put on those mittens and lets get baking this month.
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Great idea! I don't cook much, mostly blog...but my wife would definitely love to bake something and post the recipe n pics here...better still, may be I'll join in n have some fun!
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Thks Vikas, I am sure you will enjoy baking together. Looking forward to your blog/recipe.
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Hi! I just posted a brand new video that I would like to have in your wonderful Baking Event! Hawaiian Banana Nut Bread. I can't wait to see what others submit! This is a great idea! Peace and love... ~Amy
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Thks for the recipe. Yours is the very first post and I too am just looking forward to the delicious goodies that the passionate bakers would come up with.
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Hi, I just uploaded a recipe of honey muffins for the baking event and here is the link for the recipe:
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A good incentive might be that the recipes/videos might be featured on the home page (ifood administrators, are you listening ;-) ) I submit my quiche recipe
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Hi Sarita, Thank you for posting the delicious honey muffins for the baking event.They look great.
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Hi Petal, I do appreciate the interest shown, however, the recipe/video/blog should be one posted during March 5 to March 31. Hoping to have another of your delicious dishes. Thks!!
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I appreciate your enthusiasm in having a 'Baking Food' Event. I shall try to post some by the deadline.
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Thks Dhivik for posting your favorite Baked quinoa..for my baking event. Thks for the encouragement. Welcome aboard ifood I am sure you would enjoy the experience here with like minded foodies. Thks Snigdha. Thought this would be a good way to have us all interact and enjoy some theme based cooking here. Would be delighted to have your baked goodies over.
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Enjoying hosting this event, hoping to have more foodies join the bandwagon to make this more fun and enjoyable.
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Thks dear Varunavi for the zebra cake and eggless date cake. Please do include a link back to this post in your recipe posts. Looking forward to more wonderful recipe/videos/blogs as the deadline is approaching.
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Thks Sandi, the nutty granola looks so good. You have a nice blog with such a wonderful spread. Welcome to, the foodie experience here is one I am sure you would enjoy.
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Wow, looks nice and delicious
Baking Event - Calling All Foodies