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Hogwarts Sends Acceptance Letter Via Cookie

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Hogwarts Letter Cookies

Harry Potter had mesmerized us for years together and some of you must have lived in hope of receiving a letter from Hogwarts (no less) sometime or the other in your life. Well, there’s good news now! Although Harry Potter is not going to regale us with his adventures anymore, you are capable of receiving Hogwarts' letter even now. How? In the form of a cookie of course!


The recipe is simple enough.

1. Just bake three sugar cookies and assemble them together with royal icing.

2. Remove the top of the middle cookie and insert Hogwarts' letter that you can write by letting your imagination soar.

3. Cover the huge cookie liberally with marshmallow fondant and let it dry for a few minutes.

 4. Make sure to write the address of the birthday boy or girl with a food writer.

Send it off and watch how magical the event becomes!


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Hogwarts Sends Acceptance Letter Via Cookie