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The Best Beer Prank Ever!

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beer pours from faucet

Have you ever had someone play a prank on you that you wish to take a funny revenge on? If yes, then here is an interesting idea for you to try. A group of friends in New Zealand decided to fool one of their friends. The idea was to make all the faucets in the friend’s home to pour ice-cold beer instead of water. They teamed up with Tui Brewery, which gave them all that they needed.


In their friend’s absence, they connected all the faucets in the house to kegs of beer placed underneath the property. This was done with a help of a friend who was a plumber. Once everything was ready, 14 hidden cameras were set to capture the friend’s reaction, even as the bemused pranksters were watching him on TV from the garage next door.


The rest of the story is best seen in action than narrated. Check out the video below and have a good laugh!


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The Best Beer Prank Ever!