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Rotimatic - Automatic Roti Machine For You

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Indian housewives spend hours sweating in the kitchen, rolling out the perfect roundels of wheat called rotis, for their families. If that is what is keeping  you from enjoying this Indian bread - the perfect foil to many a lip-smacking recipes - don't worry because someone just answered your prayers. Chappati or roti lovers will now be able to enjoy fresh and hot rotis at the click of a button. Yes, the Rotimatic is here and it can turn out a hot chappati every minute, making it the first ever such machine to cater to your needs. The machine has compartments through which flour and water can be fed in. It will mix up the ingredients on its own, roll out the chappatis itself and bake rotis too.


Wait till September

Well, the Rotimatic is not exactly here, as in, it has not been launched yet. It will be launched only in September 2013 but the wait would be well worth it. Developed and produced at a hefty cost, most of which went into its technical research and development, this machine has been made by a start-up "Zimplistic" with timely grant from "Spring Singapore."


The Rotimatic

The start-up's co-founder Rishi Kumar says that the machine, designed using a special manufacturing process, makes use of metal as well as plastic parts. One of the pathbreaking technologies used in this machine is that it can sense the flour. Kumar explains, "This was crucial. It must be able to weigh a small portion of flour and water. There was none in the world that could do it for one chappati. So we developed our own." Kumar, who co-founded Zimplistic with his wife, Pranoti, informs that he has got two patents on this invention, which can also turn out warm tortillas.

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The fact that the device is yet to be launched and the press is already going gaga over it makes it evident how timely the invention has been. Now, with your Indian curries, you will also have the perfect rotis to serve. Just wait for the Rotimatic!



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Rotimatic - Automatic Roti Machine For You