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Coffee Plus Tea Makes For A Healthier Drink

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Coffee leaf tea

This is the mother of all combinations. A new tea brewed from coffee leaves is being touted as healthier than both the drinks. The coffee leaf tea, said to be less bitter than tea but not as strong as coffee either, is supposedly good even for people suffering from diabetes and heart disease.


A joint team of researchers at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, South-West London, and in Montpellier, France, has discovered this brew made with the leaves of the Coffea plant. The drink has an ‘earthy’ taste and it contains less caffeine than tea or coffee but its antioxidant content is the same as the two traditional beverages, making this combination helpful for combating diseases like cancer.


People in countries like Ethiopia, Indonesia and Sudan are known to drink beverages made with coffee leaf, wheras such attempts have proved futile in other parts of the world thus far. Researchers analyzed 23 species of coffee plants before deciding upon the final composition of the revolutionary brew.


After crude oil, coffee is the most valuable commodity in the world, where people drink more than 400 billion cups every year.


Coffee shops like Starbucks are yet to react to this latest development, do you think this news will help you choose between tea or coffee now? Comment and let us know!


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