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U.S. Yogurt Consumption Doubles

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Some serious demographic shifts are happening in the yogurt sector in America. A study released by the market research group, NPD, shows that America's per capita consumption of yogurt has doubled since 2001. The heartening part of the news is that the most enthusiastic consumers of yogurt are young Americans, between the ages of 18 and 34.


However, the same cannot be said about the broader industry spectrum since the per capita consumption of dairy products has remained the same since the dawn of the new millennium. The NPD study quotes the "National Agricultural Statistics Service" figures to claim that the annual yogurt sales have grown by 113% in the past 12 years


The main cause of increased yogurt consumption among the youth is that more young Americans are eating breakfast regularly more than ever. As a result, every year more than 200 million more servings of yogurt are being sold in the country.

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However, the yogurt makers beg to differ on this point. Niel Sandfort, Chobani's marketing head, believes that the consumption of yogurt has increased since the '90s because the quality has gotten better. His belief carries some weight because Chobani has been a major producer of Greek yogurt in the country. Greek yogurt, which is low in fat and comes in such exotic flavors as pomegranate and passion fruit, has become a rich food source for the urban population, who are constantly looking for substitutes to hurried meals.


In fact, about a third of the yogurt being sold in the country at present is Greek. Chobani, and other players in the market, are continuously testing new products to keep young people happy, who, they believe, are the key to their success.



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U.S. Yogurt Consumption Doubles