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PepsiCo Removes Banned Ingredient From Gatorade

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Giving in to customer complaints, PepsiCo Inc. has decided to remove a controversial substance from the ingredient list of its famous sports drink, Gatorade. The ingredient is brominated vegetable oil, which is already banned in the European Union and Japan for being a flame retardant.


For the past one year, the company had been facing continuous rumblings from its customers about the ingredient. In fact, a teenager in Mississippi, Sarah Kavanagh, also filed a public petition on asking the company to do something in this regard. Although, PepsiCo admitted that it has acted in response to the customer complaints that it had received in the past, a spokeswoman, Molly Carter, denied that the removal was a result of the petition.  


The petition, supported by 200,000 people, pointed out the fact that brominated vegetable oil was patented as flame extinguisher and, thus, could not be used as an ingredient for Gatorade.


While PepsiCo has stopped using the ingredient in Gatorade, it is still being used in its other drinks like Mountain Dew. So, if Kavanagh is reading this, it is, probably, time to file another petition.



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PepsiCo Removes Banned Ingredient From Gatorade