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Pakistan Is Crazy About Domino’s Quesadilla Pizza

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Domino's Quesadilla

Pakistan is one place where you wouldn’t expect Tex-Mex food to be popular. However, that is exactly what is happening right now. There is renewed demand for the Quesadilla Pizza being sold by Domino’s in Pakistan.


Although the Domino’s pie is being sold since 2011, it is only now that the Tex-Mex option is being ordered anew. The pizza is made up of cheese and a choice between veggies, beef or chicken filled between two thin pizza crusts. But that is not it. The pizza is further drenched in a thick coating of melted mozzarella cheese, with marinara sauce and sour cream dips on the side.


The pizza chain is already describing this pizza as a “Flavors Fiesta” and it seems the Pakistanis are enjoying the fiesta very well.



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Pakistan Is Crazy About Domino’s Quesadilla Pizza