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Get A Free Baskin-Robbins Sundae Through March!

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Baskin Robbins

Everybody loves a free ice cream and Baskin-Robbins realizes it very well. This is why the ice cream chain has decided to give out free ice cream sundaes every Wednesday till the end of March this year. The offer, however, is not entirely free of cost.


You will have to buy a two-scoop sundae at a Baskin-Robbins outlet, anywhere in the country, on any of the 11 Wednesdays from this week till March end and you will get another sundae free. That means two Two-Scoop Sundaes for the cost of one, that is $4.19. That is a lot of ice cream for just four dollars!


However, if you are already rubbing your hands in glee, thinking that now your favorite Baskin Robbins sundaes are up for grabs, hold on! The free sundae offer is valid only for the Two-Scoop sundae, not for other treats like the Banana Splits or the Three-Scoop Sundaes. However, even if it is not, it still means quite a lot of ice cream free.



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Get A Free Baskin-Robbins Sundae Through March!