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Japanese Restaurateur Buys Bluefin Tuna For Record $1.76 Million

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Bluefin tuna record price

A Bluefin Tuna, weighing 488 pounds, was sold for $1.76 million recently in Japan. The buyer is a Japanese restaurant owner, Kiyoshi Kimura, who is the owner of the ‘Sushi Zanmai’ restaurant chain. With this purchase, Kimura has set the record for buying the most expensive Bluefin Tuna in the world. However, this is not the first time the enterprising restaurateur has set a record in this regard.


Last year, he set the same record, when he bought a 593-pound Bluefin for $736,000. This year, he paid almost $3,600 per pound.


It is due to excessive fishing of Bluefin that prices are driven so high, although in case of Japan, the prices are inflated also because a lot of prestige is associated with buying the year’s first tuna among the Japanese restaurant owners. The deal was made at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market and which is also where Kimura got into a bidding war with other restaurateurs.



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Japanese Restaurateur Buys Bluefin Tuna For Record $1.76 Million