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Edible Glassware Launched For Your Cocktails

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You have heard of the edible coffee cup, but now there's a line of edible cups designed for any beverage! Launched by a New York-based company, these cups, available in popular mixologist flavors like spicy pepper and sweet vanilla, are meant to be crunched and eaten as a snack once your drink is finished.


Loliware is the name given to this brand of edible cups which come in all-natural vegan flavors, including bitter bitters, sour lemon, salty lime, and sweet vanilla. All these flavors were created with the intention of providing a complementary flavor to the beverages that customers typically order at a bar.


These bio-degradable, eco-friendly cups may be made for eating and drinking, but their appearance is also designed to mimic vintage glassware, making them every bit pretty as they are fun to eat. The credit for their design goes to the Brooklyn-based design studio “The Way We See The World”, which has done this job as part of Loliware.

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Reviewers have already heaped praise on these cups. While some describe the texture as soft enough to bite into, others term the flavor as “seriously intense.” You can buy the cups in batches of 48 (all of a single flavor) for $144. The cups will be edible only for three days after delivery.


While the cups are presently available only in the New York City, other cities are hoping to get their hands on these as the demand picks up.



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Edible Glassware Launched For Your Cocktails