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Faux Meat, Allergen-Free Food, Yogurt Shops In 2013

Meat Free food

The New Year has just begun and it is already dismissing the food trends of the last year. However, on the other hand, some of the food trends, which were just peripheral last year, are beginning to catch up fast. One of them is mock meat.


With people cutting back on meat for health or environmental reasons and the faux meat products improving in taste, meat substitutes are gaining in terms of popularity. Two years ago, a Dutch restaurant, named ‘The Vegetarian Butcher’, had started the trend of selling faux meat products and now, you can order replacement chicken, sausage, burger, even schnitzels from a range of online stores.

Allergen free foods

The craze for gluten-free products will reach new heights as people start looking for allergen-free foods too. Dairy, peanuts, soy, eggs and shellfish are some of the allergens, which will be shown the door as more and more people become health-conscious and companies will cash in on the trend too.


Yogurt shops will also grow in size and numbers with consumers becoming more conscious of eating non-frozen yogurt. Traditional yogurt, with healthy toppings like nuts, seeds, and fresh fruits, will be much in demand.


And one more food trend to do the rounds this year is the mid-calorie foods, which are a step ahead of the diet food. Scientists are working hard to create perfect foods for calorie-conscious consumers, who want healthier and tastier food options in their quest for health.


Which one of these food trends do you think appeals to you the most? Do let us know.



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Faux Meat, Allergen-Free Food, Yogurt Shops In 2013