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Tunisian Man Dies Of Eating Raw Eggs

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Raw eggs

Dhaou Fatnassi, a young Tunisian man, died after swallowing 28 raw eggs in a go. Fatnassi lost his life because of a dare under which his friends promised to give him “an undisclosed sum of money” if he succeeded. Unfortunately, Fatnassi died before he could claim the prize money.


It is not as if people have not attempted to gobble up raw eggs before. Anyone remember the famous egg-eating scene from the movie “Cool Hand Luke?” While Paul newman’s character lived to tell the tale after eating 50 eggs, his eggs were hard-boiled.


In case of Fatnassi, he ate 28 raw eggs whole and started complaining of stomach cramps. Even though he was taken to the hospital in Kairouan, Tunisia, he died before he could reach there.


This should be just a warning for all those crazy young men and women, who don’t think twice before embarking on such stupid dares.



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Tunisian Man Dies Of Eating Raw Eggs