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Exchange Your Lousy Gift For A Pizza!

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Pizza Hut Gift Card

You are not always happy with the kind of gifts you receive during holidays, right? Well, in the past, you were not able to do anything about it but not anymore. Fast food chain, Pizza Hut, has found a solution to your problem and it is in the “Pizza Hut Gift Exchange.” This exchange program, the first of its kind, allows people to trade in what they feel is a useless gift and get a free gift card worth $10.


You can cash in your gift at any of the Pizza Hut outlets in the country but there is a procedure. You need to click a picture of the gift and tweet it. If you are among the first 100 people to tweet a picture of your gift, you become entitled to the ten-dollar gift card. However, if you lose out on being among the first 100, don’t worry, just keep posting pictures, you could still get picked up for a free gift card.


According a Pizza Hut release, this programme is “the most popular and successful menu price offer in Pizza Hut history.” The gift card that the chain is giving out entitles the customer to choose any size of pizza with any toppings. The gift card can also be used to purchase special menu offers like Hand-tossed, Thin ‘N Crispy or Pizza Hut Pan crust.


So far, people have tweeted snaps of their broken beads bracelet, a sewing machine, a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, granny dress and an apron. So, what do you want to exchange for a pizza?



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