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FDA Considers GMO Salmon Safe For Environment

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While you may think that the genetically modified salmon, which grows twice as fast as the normal fish, spells alarm, the FDA thinks otherwise. The Agency is on way to grant its first approval to scientifically modified salmon being consumed by humans. The FDA also says that the GMO salmon is also safe for the environment.


The GMO salmon, named "AquaAdvantage", has been under discussion for the past one year at the agency. Last weekend, the Agency released a document on the environmental assessment of this fish, which says, "this fish will not have any significant impacts on the quality of the human environment of the United States." The FDA also said that the "AquaAdvantage" salmon would also not harm the regular salmon in the environment. "Aquabounty", the company behind this genetically-engineered salmon, has said that it feels encouraged by the FDA report and hopes that the "government continues the science-based regulatory process."

GMO Salmon

The Agency has invited public comments on its assessment report for the next two months, after which the report will be made final, taking into account the public opinion. If the FDA regulators allow salmon for public consumption, it would be the first time that a GMO food is approved anywhere in the world.



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FDA Considers GMO Salmon Safe For Environment