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Eat 'Atomic Fallout' Burger With Gloves Only

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Atomic Burger 1

Adam Richman, where art thou? World’s Hottest Burger has arrived at the Atomic Burger joint in Bristol, U.K. And although, there is no provision for its entry into the Guinness World Records, it is, nevertheless, worthy of a mention because the sauce, with which this burger is made, scores 1 million points on the Scoville Scale.

Atomic Burger 2

The ‘Atomic Fallout’ burger comes loaded with not one, but two, of the world’s hottest chillis. The sauce atop the three burgers, encased inside two fried pizza slices, is made with the Scotch Bonnet and the Ghost Chili. The sauce is so dangerously hot that those who attempt this challenge are advised to wear protective gloves before proceeding to eat it.

Atomic Burger 3

While the two deep-fried pizza slices are already a strange addition to the burger, it also comes in massive proportions – what with patties made of 18 oz. and 18 oz. worth of cheese as well as a triple serving of fries covered in chili flakes. No wonder, the burger joint has a list of challenging requirements put up on its website. These requirements, listed under the ‘Fallout Challenge’ include – ‘Be over 18 years old,’ ‘Be of sound mind and judgment,’ ‘LOVE CHILLI,’ ‘Not sue us.’ Needless to say, you need to sign a waiver form before attempting this challenge.


While 500 people have already attempted this challenge, majority of those have been left scalded by the burger sauce, irrespective of the outcome of the challenge. Here is one such attempt and despite the heat, we bet, you can’t help smiling at it.



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Eat 'Atomic Fallout' Burger With Gloves Only