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Weird Food-Wine Pairings For Post-Apocalypse

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Imagine it is apocalypse already and you get to live in the post-apocalypse world, where none of the foods, that you used to enjoy earlier, exist. Well, we are not talking about Twinkies exactly but about rice, wheat, red meat, chicken, fish, etc. You get the picture, right? Well, imagining such a dreary world, all you need is some wine to go with whatever food is available to you. So, here are some weird wine-food pairings for the post-apocalypse world. Hope you don’t throw up by the end of it.

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Wine & Rats – You wouldn’t have imagined, despite watching all those post-apocalypse Hollywood movies, that you would get rats to eat with wine. Did you know that rats, quite a few varieties at least, are consumed with relish in some of the most famous wine-producing regions of the world, like France. In fact, there is a recipe – Grilled Rats Bordeaux Style – from the World War days, where rats living in wine cellars were grilled over fire and eaten.


Wine & Squirrels – Squirrel meat has often been considered too lowly to be eaten but you can enjoy it too with a dry red wine like Claret. Even a complex wine like Barolo or Shiraz can do some justice to the squirrels, in death, of course.

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Wine With Possum – Possum meat was once very popular in some parts of the world but has, since then, fallen out of favor. However, after apocalypse, this meat, which tastes like dark chicken meat, can go well with either Merlot, Chardonnay, or a Sauvignon Blanc.


Slugs & Wine - Well, well, well! Who would’ve thought that you could also pair these slimy creatures with such a fine drink as wine. A famous chef of a Washington restaurant is known to have paired the slugs with Chenin Blanc. So, it seems, an acidic wine would go fine with these garbage-eating things!

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Crickets With Wine – One of the most unusual ingredients to go onto a plate, crickets are often eaten with a Pinot Noir. Although, people who often eat crickets, like in Mexico, are also known to down them with some tequila or Mezcal!


Wine & Tarantulas – No, it is not a joke! People actually eat this giant spider for its meat, e.g., in Cambodia. Rice wine or jackfruit cocktails go well with cooked tarantulas. But if you are looking for a more sophisticated taste, you may opt for a Cabernet Sauvignon.



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Weird Food-Wine Pairings For Post-Apocalypse