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Are The French Giving Up Wine Consumption?

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French wine consumption

There was a time when the French people were leaders in wine consumption but it seems the rest of the world is leaving them far behind. A very large-scale consumption survey has found out that in the present times, the French are consuming just one glass of wine a day. While the change is being attributed to growing awareness regarding the perceived health concerns arising out of drinking too much wine, the world is asking “Is that really the truth?”


This new low in average wine consumption in France is indirectly proportional to the growing prominence of fruit juices and soda drinks in the daily lives of the French. As per the study, carried out by the French ministry of agriculture, not even one in five French adults are drinking wine daily. This is definitely something that would make all the vineyard owners cry into their own vats of wine in France and elsewhere.


The number of people who were daily drinkers of wine has come down from 21% in 2007 to 17% today. Meanwhile, there are more such people who enjoy a glass of wine just once or twice a week, a whopping 45%. The survey also points out that the average per capita consumption of wine in France had come down from 160 litres in 1965 to less than half, 57 litres in 2010. This means that wine consumption has already been on decline in France since the 1960s.


Sad days for wine are ahead, at least in France!




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