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World's Longest Chocolate Train is 34m Long

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Chocolate train

Maltese chocolatier, Andrew Farrugia, has earned the distinction of designing the world's longest chocolate structure at the length of 111.5 feet. The chocolate train was displayed at the Brussels Chocolate Week in Belgium and has already earned a place in the Guinness World Record.


Farrugia took 784 hours to create a steam-powered locomotive in full detail for which he used 2,755 pounds of Belgian chocolate. While explaining the concept behind this train, Farrugia told the press that he chose train to make in chocolate because he could make it as long as he wanted. All he had to do was keep on adding one wagon after another!

Choco fest

Modeled after the Belgian trains, Farrugia's train has seven wagons in the main part, besides having old train wagons as well as a wagon with a bar and restaurant.


While Farrugia managed to create a lot of the train structure in Malta, while transferring the structure to Brussels, some of the pieces of the train were damaged, as a result of which, the artist had to reconstruct the same in time for the event.


After completing its run at the Brussels Chocolate Week on November 25th, the train will now be moved to various other chocolate museums around the city in the coming days.



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Image Courtesy: visitbrussels, deccanchronicle

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World's Longest Chocolate Train Is 34m Long