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Crowds Gobble Up Turkey Testicles At Huntley Festival

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Turkey testicles

The Thanksgiving Holiday may be over, but the turkey testicles are still doing the rounds. At the 30th Annual Turkey Testicle Festival in Huntley, hundreds of people gathered at the Parkside Pub and ate fried testicles of turkey.


For those who are new to the festival, the testicles taste like burnt chicken but for the veterans, the favorite part of the festival is the testicles. People usually pair up these with hot sauce and beer and feel like they are eating chicken tender.


Right now the festival takes place in a parking lot, next to the pub, but it sells about 1,200 pounds of testicles, which are shipped in from a turkey farm in Michigan. The workers coat the testicles in a breading and deep fry them for about 15 minutes to turn up an unusual finger food.


Perhaps, you may think of serving this up along with your roasted turkey next Thanksgiving or is Christmas this year too early to do so?



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Crowds Gobble Up Turkey Testicles At Huntley Festival