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Beverly Hills Caviar Launches ATM Service Across L.A.

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Caviar ATM

This is one thing the caviar connoisseurs would never have imagined – having a caviar service, anytime, anywhere. Discretion is, perhaps, the only characteristic of this luxurious food item but the Beverly Hills Caviar company has taken that away. It has introduced Caviar ATMs!


A trio of caviar vending machines has been planted in three different locations in Los Angeles, which will deliver high-end caviar. The machines truly bridge the divide between the haves and the have-nots as it offers caviar in the range of $4 for a spoon of pink mother of pearl and $500 for an ounce of Imperial River Beluga Caviar.


The ATMs are available at Westfield Century City, Westfield Topanga, and the Burbank Towne Center, yes, the Burbank has fallen victim to it too! So, in case you want your daily dose of caviar, you know, it is available at your neighborhood ATM!



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Beverly Hills Caviar Launches ATM Service Across L.A.