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The Chinese Food Cooking Robot

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Too lazy to cook? Don't have someone who can do that for you? Well then, the AIC-AI Cooking Robot is for you! Developed by the Fanxing Science and Technology company in China, the AIC-AI Cooking Robot can be programmed to take on tasks like steaming, baking, frying, boiling and sautéing to make all kinds of Chinese foods like kung pao chicken, chow mein, fried rice, fried wontons, and spring rolls.

After a busy day at work, ever longed for someone who could just cook the dinner for you? Now it is time to cheer as according to an article in NY times, there is a robot who can do it for you. It can be programmed to bake, saute, fry, cut, chop and even make dishes. To know more watch this video.

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The Chinese Food Cooking Robot Video