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McDonald's Bacon Love Affair On Twitter

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As part of its 'Your Daily Bacon' Twitter campaign, McDonald's is highlighting the fast food touch to your daily strip of bacon and it is worth a dekko.

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For the past some time, the company has been putting up regular Twitter feed with peculiar images in which bacon has a permanent presence. Whether it is the image of a air freshener, a tie, a face with a handle-bar moustache or something else, bacon is present everywhere. The company informs that all the bacon-inspired images are part of a graphic series called "Your Daily Bacon", which has been launched to welcome the new menu offering, bacon-y sandwich or the CBO - Cheddar Bacon Onion burger.

Bacon 3

While other chains have been pushing bacon as their main ingredient, McDonald's has just entered the game. Almost all major fast food chains like Burger King and Wendy's are already singing paeans to bacon and it is now time to see what McDonald's gets out of it.




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McDonald's Bacon Love Affair On Twitter