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Campbell Unveils New Soups for Youthful Generation

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Campbell Soup

The company that made soup fashionable for America, Campbell, is developing a new line of free soup packets called 'Millennials,' named for their primary target audience, the kids of today.


The Campbell's free soup events will be held to promote the $3 soup pouches, which are microwaveable. These soup pouches are called 'Go' and they are aiming to be like "what the kids today" are like, on-the-go.


While this may look like the right vehicle to attract our youth, the price poses some problems. Since kids are neither employed, nor make a large allowance, they probably cannot spend $3 on a packet of soup. This holds even more true for those coming from families that are not very well off.


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Campbell Unveils New Soups For Youthful Generation