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Now Eat Your Lunch From A Musical Sandwich Box


Eating a sandwich alone at work or in school can be quite a boring event. Keeping that in mind, a Portuguese sandwich company, 1000 Tastes Ltd, has come up with a new product called ‘Soundwich.” This is a range of sandwiches, seven in all, each coming packed inside a musical metal box.


This lovely proposition has adults behaving just like kids do when given musical lunch boxes for school. The sandwiches come with seven different fillings like ‘mango, avocado, and tomato’ and ‘sardine escabeche with eggplant, green pepper, and tomato.’


Each sandwich box comes at a price of $9.8, which is as much as a normal sandwich but you get a musical treat as an add-on. Each sandwich comes with its own piece of music, chosen by a different chef.



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Now Eat Your Lunch From A Musical Sandwich Box