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Pepsi Launches Fat-Blocking Cola In Japan

Pepsi fat blocking

The latest claim from the Pepsi appears to be laughable, but that has not stopped the company from going all out with its new "fat-blocking’" line of soda in Japan. This weird variety of soda is touted to keep fat from being absorbed into your body while you're eating your meal.


The Japanese distributor of Pepsi, Suntory, is going to launch this new Pepsi, called ‘Pepsi Special’, which will be unveiled to the world on November 13. The drink comes loaded with a special fiber molecule called ‘dextrin.’ This molecule is supposed to make it difficult for our bodies to absorb fat while eating. The soda will be available all across Japan beginning next week for $1.87.


The Japanese soft drinks market is growing rapidly and a Dextrin-based cola is already available in the country – Kirin Mets Cola. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how Pepsi's line of similar dextrin-based soda fares in the market. What do you think?



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Pepsi Launches Fat-Blocking Cola In Japan