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Darden Restaurants Show How To Bypass Obamacare

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Obama’s proposed health care might have more loopholes than a Swiss cheese. Darden Restaurants Inc. which owns more than 2,000 eateries across USA and Canada, employing about 180,000 people decided to have a go at bypassing the Obamacare and maximizing its profits in the bargain. It hired  only part-timers, people who do not warrant any of the benefits required for a full time employee.


The new health care plan involves all companies with 50+ employees to provide full health benefits to its workers. The plan will come into force on 2014 with defaulters being heavily penalized. However, bigger companies like Darden Restaurants are reluctant to follow it as it is bound to increase its labor costs by quite a few notches.


With Darden Restaurants running its restaurants with 75% part timers, other industries are following suit and some of them are even looking at other alternatives. Bob McAdam, who handles the government affairs and community relations for the company states that the decision for hiring part-timers is a test. "We're not at a point where we have results," he says and admits that other industries are making an effort to dodge Obamacare too.


Do you think Prez Obama needs to think of a follow up legislation in order to stop companies from opting for part-timers only? Let us know what you think.


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Darden Restaurants Show How To Bypass Obamacare