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KFC Outlet In India Serves Chicken With Worms

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KFC rotten chciken

After facing flak in America for selling rotten chicken to customers, it seems the KFC India is following in the footsteps of its American management. A KFC outlet was closed by the Kerala Food Safety Authority (FSA) recently after it was found that the restaurant had served worms inside fried chicken to the customer.


The distraught customer, who bought the fried chicken serving, was aghast to find a fat worm inside his piece of chicken. Disappointed by the lowering standard of food safety at a multi-national restaurant chain, the customer filed a complaint against the KFC. On receiving the complaint, the FSA officials descended upon the outlet and conducted investigation, only to find more stale items kept on the premises.


The outlet was immediately shut down and several dishes were sent to the laboratory for chemical analysis.


All we can say is next time, before you bite into a KFC fried chicken, just check it from inside first.



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KFC Outlet In India Serves Chicken With Worms