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McDonald’s Unconcerned About Exposing Young Kids To Violence & Sex On TV

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Mcdonald's has no tv policy

Craig Lechner accompanied his 3 year old daughter to the fair Lawn outlet of McDonald’s and returned fuming about the insensitivity of the owner. He had been aghast at McDonald’s blaring out Fox News which showed violence that had taken place across the nation in explicit details.


The franchise owner, Sebastian Lentini did not bother to switch channels after being requested by Lechner . “No. That’s my decision. I'm enjoying it,” was all he had to say quite impervious to the fact the young kids were watching violence being played out on the TV screen before them.


The restaurant manager later clarified that McDonald’s does not have a policy about the television programs to be played in its outlets, at least not until they get their own brand of channel maybe.


McDonald’s also did not take care of these kind of complaints themselves. The documents were simply passed on to the concerned owners who then dealt with it as seen fit. Lechner was also surprised to learn that McDonald’s franchises could play pornography too, there would be no objection from the fast food giant even then.


Lechner seemed to have a valid point though. "I don't want my kids to lose their innocence during a Happy Meal," was his take on this and rightly so. Is McDonald’s listening?



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McDonald’s Unconcerned About Exposing Young Kids To Violence & Sex On TV