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Starbucks Remains No. 1 In Daily Deals

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Daily deals and discounts have been working for ages when advertised in the print media. People,  especially Americans are always up for purchasing anything at all as long as it is sold at a lower price.


Google  Offers’ recently gave its subscribers an opportunity of getting 50% off on a gift card for Starbucks. The $10 priced card was available at $5 for its users. The smartphone apps are sure encashing on the lucrative ‘deals’ market in order to lure more and more people to use them.


Starbucks promotional deals, however, remain the most popular of all deals offered whichever app chooses to go for it.  While the coffee giant is regarded as America’s favorite, it is an accepted fact that food and beverage tops the list of ‘must buy’ things for people all over the world.


It was not surprising therefore when the deal became the most popular deal  for the initial six months of this year. LivingSocial’s Starbucks promotional deal was also adjudged to be the best selling deal of all times after it was launched last month.



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Starbucks Remains No. 1 In Daily Deals