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Vegas Lounge Bar Creates Adult Ice Cream With Liquid Nitrogen And Cocktails

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Adult Ice cream

Care for something more sophisticated than sickeningly sweet or fruity cocktails? Then the Bellagio Hyde Lounge may just be the place for you.  


This Vegas ultra modern lounge  has been surprising its patrons with innovative and hand crafted cocktails for quite some time now. But the use of liquid nitrogen in cocktails is sure hard to beat as far as coolers are concerned.

liquid nitrogen

While science recognizes the nitrogen liquid as a perfect coolant, the art of mixology practiced by the Lounge Bar takes it a step further by infusing it in your alcoholic mixture. And viola! You have an ultra smooth and seemingly delicious adult ice cream in front you.


So do not forget to step into this hip and happening place whenever you visit Sin City. Cheers!



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Image Credit- georgemartingroup.blogspot  ;  Foodista

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