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Blind Tasting Creates Confusion

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blind tastingA group of food writers got together at ‘Sono Wood Fired Pizzeria’ on the 1st of this month and decided to hold a food tasting session. So what’s different about it? Food tastings are a dime a dozen after all! Wait! Here’s the catch! It was a blind tasting and by blind I mean that the tasters were asked to eat the food completely blindfolded so that they could appreciate the taste of each dish properly.


The session turned out to be extremely fulfilling apart from being a learning experience for many of the self important food critics who think they know all. One of them missed out on pureed pumpkin assuming it to be sphagetti squash instead while the lobster sauce on the tongue  flabbergasted many. A self-assessed cocktail expert also insisted that the concoction he had was vermouth when it had actually been Aperol. There were many more delightful moments but the tasters complained that the ingredients had deliberately been peeled, pureed and deep fried in order to mislead them.


Chandra Ram of Plate and Heather Sperling from the Tasting Table were declared joint winners. The proceeds went to ‘Share Our Strength,’ an organization which pledges not to leave any child hungry.


Hopefully, the tasters will now be able to appreciate the difficulties the current MasterChef  Christine had to face throughout the competition.


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Blind Tasting Creates Confusion