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Happy Birthday Maillard Reaction!

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Happy B Day maillard reaction

The Maillard Reaction turns 100! Well, if you are wondering what it is, let me just explain that the reaction that occurs during cooking was discovered by Louis-Camille Maillard, the French chemist who primarily experimented with food by assimilating data and then noticing the myriad of reactions that the foods undergo thereby leading to a change in flavor, texture and aroma of the finished dish.


 Maillard published his paper in 1912, exactly a 100 years from now which went on to explain how amino acids react with sugars at high temperatures. The very basis of food science was thus set and every food processor working in the industry now thanks Maillard for providing them into an insight of the chemical reactions that can occur when different kinds of food come together.


Baked bread and roast meat continue to entice us with their alluring aroma and we now know the reason thanks to the pioneer Louis-Camille Maillard.



Image Credit- blog.ioanacolor ; diabetesmine

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