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Man Rubs Sandwich Into Wife’s Face

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Face sandwich

A man in Nebraska hit his wife with a sandwich in the face because she was forcing him to live in the county. After the brief argument with his wife, Larry Spurling of Melbeta pushed his wife around, held her down and “rubbed a sandwich in her face.” Before the attack happened, Spurling had consumed three cans of “Natty Daddy”, a malt liquor drink with 8 percent alcohol content.


During the argument, the wife got tired and went to make herself a sandwich. Just as she started to eat it, her husband followed her into the bedroom and attacked her face with the sandwich. The investigators found “several pieces of lunchmeat on the carpet outside the bedroom and some pieces of sandwich bread inside the bedroom.” After the attack, Spurling was found lying down on grass, face down, some distance from his home, where the police arrested him from.


Come on! Give the man a break! He doesn’t want to live in the county because there is no place to walk. So, he got himself drunk and rubbed a sandwich into his wife’s face. Now, is that a real crime?


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Man Rubs Sandwich Into Wife’s Face