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This Cake Is Real, Not A Lie

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The popular game portal has coined the phrase ‘the cake is a lie.’ The phrase is used liberally through out the game which keeps promising you a cake that never gets delivered ultimately. As you manage to advance from level to level in the game , you will often come across walls scribbled with the catch phrase too. The game has resulted in the creation of a new ‘meme’ or saying which means to be led on without ever getting your coveted prize.


The coined phrase is now liberally used in Internet forums as well as in chats. The huge popularity has also resulted in the creation of this mouth watering, yummy cake which is certainly not a lie. However, it was not easy giving life to a lie and the recipe was totally inspired by the Black Forest Cake. It uses semi sweet chocolate, cherry liqueur and all purpose flour. A sturdy white candle stuck in the center helps you to realize what you might have obtained had the cake not been a lie.



Image Credit- The Geeky Chef; christandpopculture

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This Cake Is Real, Not A Lie