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Tourists Liable To Be Fined For Snacking In Rome

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no snacking in Rome


The historically significant city of Rome was not built in a day. And now, its residents are taking care to maintain the ancient city along with its multitudes of heritage buildings. Recent visitors have been warned not to snack or munch on food while touring Rome. The historical city center is now made out of bounds for visitors carrying food and the new law banning food also imposes a fee of $32-$645 on tourists found violating the rule.


Viviana Di Capua, a member of the association looking after the historic city center states, “this is a way to re-educate people about how to behave in this city. We've let standards fall.”


The Romans are becoming anxious about the way their city has started crumbling. The Colosseum  has started leaning over and the famed Trevis Fountain is eroding away.


Attaching love locks have been banned too making it harder for the romantic tourists to express their love. No food or symbolism any more! While the visitors seem disappointed, the citizens of Rome are keen to keep their city intact.


Congrats to the vigilant and responsible Romans. We only hope that the residents of other historical cities follow suit.


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Tourists Liable To Be Fined For Snacking In Rome