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Oktoberfest Creates Record in Beer-Guzzling

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Oktoberfest 2012

People go to the Munich Oktoberfest to get drink beer and have a good time. Therefore, it should be no surprise at all that even though the festival is only half-way through, it has already created a record in beer-guzzling. Recent statistics reveal that more than 3.6 million liters of beer were consumed in the first week alone and the fest still has one more week to go.


Alongside that, there is also a record increase in the number of people passing out in public or losing track of their children amidst the fanfare, but that is one of the presumed after-effects of Oktoberfest we suppose.


The high-octane Munich beer served at the festival  is overpowering in its effect and thus, leads to Bierleichen, or ‘beer corpses’-a.k.a people who have drinken themselves into stupor. It is the sunny weather, the dark beer, and a variety of fried foods that has people guzzling beer by the gallons in Germany. Hic, hic!


Since there is one more week to go, we are hoping to hear about more records. Till then, keep watching!




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Oktoberfest Creates Record In Beer-Guzzling