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Hungry Indonesians Devour Stranded Whales

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Stranded whales

It can hardly be called a sliver lining in a grey cloud but the locals of a remote Indonesian island are trying their best to look for a positive outcome out of a great natural tragedy. More than 40 Pilot whales beached themselves on the coast of Savu island in eastern Indonesia and since there were not enough men to push them back to the sea, they died right there on the beach.


The locals, who usually hunt the whales for their consumption, did not see anything wrong in starting to hack the dead whales and use their flesh for meat. While about a dozen fishermen, police and navy officers, were struggling to keep the surviving whales alive, locals started to cut up the mammals and take them home to eat for food.


Beaching is a common phenomenon among whales, who stick together in large groups. Marine biologists say that whales are known to become stranded together, especially if one of them is sick and cannot move on.




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