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McBurgers Are Made With Beef, 100% Beef & Nothing But Beef

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McBurger 100% beef


The Canada outlets of McDonald’s have been obsessed with transparency ever since it had a multitude of questions asked about its burger making techniques. The fast food chain has now released a video which shows that it’s 100% beef and nothing else that goes into its burgers as well as other beef based items. The video is supposed to provide a suitable answer to all those outlandish questions doing the rounds i.e. whether the beef is washed in ammonia or if McDonald’s just pushes an entire cow into its machine.


The question that had most people scratching their heads in wonder was the one on why a McBurger will not rot even if it is left out for days? McDonald’s Canada replies that it is bound to rot in due course but not too soon due to a lack of moisture in it. The same will occur if you can prepare a burger at home sans the moisture.


McDonald’s seems to be willing to provide us with every answer however weird the question is. A recent example is posted on its PR site, 'Our Food, Your Questions' where a user asked if the meat is sourced from prehistoric dinosaurs. The answer- “The last of the dinosaurs became extinct approximately 65 million years ago. The first McDonald's restaurant opened in 1955. We prefer to serve meat far fresher than that”.



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